Walking never felt better, with the Addiction Walker

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When you are looking for a pair of walking shoes, a few factors come into mind: Style, comfort, durability, budget.

Style - The Addiction Walker is now available in brown. If you already have too many black shoes for work, this brown one will add variety to your  shoe closet. Matches easily with jeans, it looks good for walking anywhere.

Comfort – Not many walking shoes come highly recommended by podiatrists. The Addiction Walker certainly fits the bill, especially among the elderly. For those who uses custom-made insoles, you can slip it in easily. The midsoles are made with superior cushioning. With or without custom-made insoles, you will feel different walking in Addiction Walkers.

Durability – We are yet to hear of a story when the Addiction Walker expires before its time. The stitching is impeccably done, to ensure many happy miles. Perhaps too impeccable, as a pair of Addiction Walker lasts way too long!

Budget – For a high end quality shoe, it retails at RM379. Ask for an online discount today! You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you will save.

Delivery is free within Peninsular Malaysia. Just add RM15 for deliveries to Sabah and Sarawak.

Brooks Malaysia wishes everyone a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Drive safe, walk far and run happy!

How to decide between Brooks core shoes and Brooks Pure Project?

Posted June 9, 2012 by brooksmalaysia
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Here’s an answer, or non answer… it depends!

It’s like you wake up one morning, and you decide, “Western breakfast today, or chinese noodles?” Your choice of breakfast depends on what you’d like to experience that morning – western or eastern.

Running presents a variety of experiences. You can choose to run hard, or take it easy. You can run long, or you can do just do one lap around the park. You can choose to run on the road, or take on the trails. It depends on what experience you’d like for your run.

Brooks is extending your range of running experiences, by bringing on the Pure Project series. Besides choosing your intensity, mileage or terrain, we are opening a fourth dimension for you.

What do you feel like today – float or feel?

Basically, core shoes give you a “float” feeling. Its cushioning helps you “glide” along every foot strike. Do you want to feel protected, soft, and easy? Put on your core shoes today.

On the other hand, Pure Project shoes give you a “feel” experience. Built as a minimalist shoe, you’ll get to feel the ground more with every foot strike. It works well for those who like to experience barefoot running, without going completely foot-naked. Want to bring out the caveman in you? Go pure. Try Pure Project.

Here is a video that explain it very well.

So the next time you are deciding between Brooks core shoes or Brooks Pure Project shoes, just remember… It’s like  breakfast.

Brooks Cadence – product & service review

Posted May 19, 2012 by brooksmalaysia
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There is good reason why Pure Cadence is leaving our shelves very quickly. People are grabbing them! Read on for a review by Rachel Khiew.

* * * * * * * * * *

I have been having my pair of Brooks Cadence for a while, since early of the year when it landed in Malaysia. And the truth is, I have been wearing it for all my runs too. The only problem is, I always tell myself that I will write the review tomorrow, but it never happens with all my work and travelling around me.

But today, during my run, I told myself that this is going to be the day I shall write an honest review of the shoe, simply because I have so much fun and enjoy wearing the Cadence for all my runs.

Like all general consumers, I have had my fair share of trying all major brands of shoes, but those were the days in the gym that I could hardly tell the good from the great, but well, I can tell the bad from the good of course. Then a year ago, I met a bunch of runners who encourage me to run outdoor with them. That was how I started, from a mere 5km to 10km, and now slowly concurring the 15km, at least 2-3 times a week.

That is when I realized; my pretty looking gym shoe is not going to cut it for me if I’m going to run outdoor so often. Of course I tried a few times before I confirmed the theory, because as a teenage athlete who did a range of sport from rhythmic gymnastic to Volleyball, I had my fair share of injuries, though they were not serious. The only one that I need to be careful is on my left ankle, which I twisted during my Volleyball days. Hence when I started to run seriously I find that my feet complains after each run.

Then the runners recommended Brooks. I wasn’t sure but I gave it a try. My first pair was a good experience, and that is why I keep track of the new release of Brooks shoe. The ASR7 got me through various conditions from tar road to muddy field, and it is light enough for my liking, yet it never feels empty under my feet. When I first started I was still trying to discover my running style, therefore I was not ready to go for any minimalist style. The ASR7 gave me a solid ground to start.

Slowly, I find that I would like to get another pair to alternate with, and it was the time of the release for Brooks Pure Project.

I must say, Brooks Malaysia’s Consultant gave me a full mark customer service, and I really appreciate it. Coming from a retail background too, I find that it is truly difficult to recruit staffs like him. We spoke about running and he offered plenty of tips. This is passion about your work, and the Consultant is definitely passionate about running and providing good service.

Initially through reviews I read, I wanted to get a pair of Connect. After I exchanged several emails with Brooks Malaysia’s Consultant, he mentioned he would bring a range for me to try.

Came with a compact trolley with 8 boxes in it, the Consultant surprised me with the choices he brought for me to try. Ended up we both agreed for me to try the Cadence, due to the slight inward pronation of my right feet. And I picked the black-purple combination.

I brought it to run the first time, but I had a pair of socks that is too thick for the shape of the Cadence. I was not familiar, and I yet to have a pair of running shoe that was in this fitting form.

The next round I did better, and thereafter almost all the time I bring the Cadence with me. My ASR7 is now reserved for a specific muddy area that I go for run (I run on this area quite often too, and I love the grip the ASR7 gives on all those slippery areas!). The rest of the time I do with the Cadence.

I even wear my Cadence daily when I went oversea for work trip, knowing that I need to walk an insane amount of steps everyday. In the morning, I went running with it, and after that I went to work with it too! The Cadence works perfectly for me and I love it. I was surprised that I did not feel any fatigue on my left ankle after an 11am-9pm walk! That is when I realized that I have found the right shoe for my ankle!

I like how the Cadence hugged my feet nicely; not cutting in anywhere that it should not, and never comes into my way when I run. It feels light, but it has the balance comfort for the feet, and to me, the beautiful part of it, is that it gives me a light shockproof feeling when I run. The Cadence absorbs the hit when I landed. I feel less fatigue on my ankle and feet after I started wearing the Cadence, even when I try for a new longer distance. It is softly cushion for my ankle, and the well-balance comfort is definitely to my liking.

I also like the support it gives me for my pronation issue, which the ASR7 did gives me too. But because the Cadence is so much more compact compared to the former, it feels even better, as if it is part of my feet and I no longer landed inward.  I think I come to the important part: I feel no excess baggage when I run, I feel the Cadence is part of my feet, though it is not exactly a minimalist running shoe. It gives me the protection I needed; yet it never feels any extra.

Additionally, both ASR7 and Cadence gives me good room width from side to side, as my feet is slightly wider than the normal standard, though with the small size (as compared to my height and built) feet I have. The ASR7 was the first time I feel my feet has room to breath, even when I choose a fitting size. The Cadence continue to provide the flexibility and comfort, even it hugged my feet tightly. That is just amazing.

This morning when I ran with my Cadence, I consciously feel the response of my feet and my muscle during the journey, and as I leap forward every step, I was genuinely in love and happy to put another step forward. I feel hassle-free and therefore can concentrate better on other areas that I need to improve, instead of worrying about my feet and the poor ankle. I feel I can go further, challenge myself as I’m slowly improving on my running distance.

The great thing is my left ankle complains a lot lesser (though not completely gone, I must be honest, as other conditions applied) than it used to, even when I am running a lot further than I used to, and I am very happy with it.

Initially I was not sure if my ankle could take a half marathon, but now with the progress I am doing, plus the Cadence is proving that it could gives me enough support, I am ready to go for my preparation for 21km training on a weekly basis. You can imagine my happiness!

Running to me, is never about anyone else, it is always about challenging my inner self.  And I am glad it is progressing well!

I am looking forward to the new summer color choices of the Brooks Pure Project, and I will definitely grab a new pair soon!

Thank you Brooks, and thank you to Brooks Malaysia’s Consultant for such an amazing introduction to Brooks Pure Project. I could only look forward now!


Brooks Malaysia shares Rachel’s delight, in bringing our products and services to any place and time of your convenience. We wish her many happy miles ahead.

Run happy!

Brooks Pure Cadence

Posted May 1, 2012 by brooksmalaysia
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Here are 5 reasons why you should get your hands (or rather, your feet) on a pair of Pure Cadence!

1.  BioMogo DNA midsole.

Remember the DNA, gel-like substance that incorporates non-newtonian fluid principles, that absorbs impact like a sponge? In the Pure Cadence, DNA technology is fused together into the BioMogo midsole. Therefore, it reduces the weight that comes with the DNA gel, while strengthening the BioMogo, environment-friendly midsole. Best of both worlds!

2.  IDEAL Heel.

Some shoes come with a heel area that is overcompensated. But with IDEAL Heel technology, it aligns your foot strike by removing material that “gets in the way”, and allows a smoother landing.

3.  Toe Flex

There is a special slit between the first toe and the rest of the toes, to allow your foot to flex well. It activates the first toe, and aligns the foot at toe off. This unique feature lets you “feel more with less”.

4.  Nav Band

Remember the DRB rollbar – the stiffer material that helps compensate for the overpronating foot? We have taken that away, and replaced it with a Nav Band. It is a dynamic stretch material that wraps the  foot. The Pure Cadence has the widest Nav Band of all Pure Project shoes. It extends around the entire shoe to reduce overpronation.

5.  Anatomical Last

The Anatomical Last gives a glove-like fit, to make the shoe work more naturally with the rest of the foot. Its lightweight, plush material that gives a soft feel, combined with air mesh for optimal breathability, gives the comfort factor a thumbs up!

Watch this video to learn more about it:

The Pure Cadence is now available in this new colour:

Ask for a special online discount today.

Run happy!

Brooks Half Marathon 2012 e-cert

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As promised, the Brooks Half Marathon 2012 e-cert is ready!

Just click on the icon below.

Enter your bib number in caps. For example, J6758 and not j6758.

Run happy!

Brooks Pure Flow review

Posted April 11, 2012 by brooksmalaysia
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Read on to get a review on the Pure Flow, by Ethan Munang.

* * * * * * * * * *

When I heard about the Brooks Pure Project, I was immediately interested. I was first thinking of purchasing the Pure Connect, which was the most minimal of all the four models. However, after trying them on I found them far too narrow, even with their anatomical last. Instead, I started researching the other models and after reading a few reviews, I found that the Pure Flow was the widest and most suitable of all the four.

So far I have had the shoe for nearly two weeks and have only managed to put about 30+km on it. The shoe weighs at 9.8oz for a size 11, which is light. I thought that these shoes would be suitable for distances up to 10km. However, other runners might find this shoe suitable for even longer distances, even half-marathons.

The Fit

My only concern when trying these shoes on was if they were wide enough for me. I have quite wide feet and usually have to wear 2E sizes in normal running shoes. However, these shoes fit me perfectly. I would point people to the Flows if they were looking for a slightly wider minimalist shoe, if they don’t mind the extra weight. The anatomical last of the shoe is meant to be shaped like the actual shoe, however it wasn’t exactly foot shaped as it felt. The interior of the Flows are extremely comfortable and unobtrusive. In particular, the inner liner of the heel and the tongue of the shoe were very soft and comfortable. The Nav-Band was also a nice addition to the shoe. It is meant to adjust to the size of the foot. This provided some security in the fit and remained unobtrusive. I loved the laces too, the stay-tied laces at the top were very good and stayed tight even with a single knot.


The midsole of the Flow and the other shoes from the Pure Project line are unique. Brooks has integrated their Biomogo foam and DNA cushioning compound for a more adaptive and custom feel underfoot. The shoe is quite flexible, although not as flexible as the Green Silence or the Kinvara I will go into more detail of the cushioning further below. The ideal heel is one of the most favorite features of the shoe. The heel of the shoe is shaped like the heel of a normal foot, encouraging a more natural stride. I liked this feature a lot. The split toe feature of the Flows did not really do much for me. It supposed to empower a more powerful push off during the propulsion phase of the gait cycle. However, I did not feel that it made any difference during any of my runs but I think it has succeeded in cutting some weight off the shoe. The ideal heel is one of my most favorite features of the shoe. The heel of the shoe is foot shaped encouraging a more natural foot strike. The sole of the shoe also appears to have quite a bit of rubber on it, resulting in increased durability.

The Ride

My first run in the Flows was an easy 5km. The cushioning was one of the most unique experiences I have ever had with any shoe. It felt soft and plush, yet it had a ‘springy’ feeling to it. It was like a mix of the responsiveness of the Green Silences and the plushness of the Kinvara put together. I was able to midfoot strike easily on the run. I was very impressed. Also, I did not get any hot spots at all, which was a very good sign for my first run in them.

After a few more runs in them I am still impressed. The shoe seems to adjust itself to the pace you’re running at. At my normal pace the shoe feels just right, and at a slower pace it feels nice and soft but at a faster pace it begins to feel very responsive yet still plush. It’s like a racing shoe and a daily trainer put in one. One question still remained though, if it was alright for runs that are longer than 6 – 7km. On Saturday I went on a slightly hilly 10km run at an easy pace. Yet again, I was impressed. The cushioning was soft and plush and I did not get any hot spots at all. I even had about two holes in my left sock and I did not get any feeling of discomfort at all. I have yet to go on any runs longer than 10km though, but I am confident that this shoe can go the distance.


I think that the Pure Flow is a great minimalist shoe for people who want to take one of the first steps into minimalist running. Although some purist might not consider it minimal, it is still minimal in my books. Even though I have put little mileage into it, I see a bright future in the Pure Flow as a daily trainer and a go-to shoe for 10km races. I have heard that these shoes are meant to last about 1000km. I look forward to putting that to the test.

* * * * * * * * * *

Brooks Malaysia thanks Ethan Munang for a comprehensive review on Pure Flow! We wish him many happy miles.

To find out more about Pure Flow, do feel free to ask for a testing session.

Brooks Half Marathon 2012 – vests and e-certs

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We have been receiving two top FAQs lately.

The first one sounds something like, “Hey!! Where is my Brooks vest?!”

The first FAQ comes in many other variants ;)

We would like to apologize for our shortcomings, in not providing the replacement vests in a quicker time. The replacement vests are being printed in the right sizes and amounts. We want to make sure that we do it right.

Do rest assured that we have a record of all participants who need the replacement vest. The replacement vests will reach your doorstep, before April ends.

The other FAQ goes along the lines of, “Eh? How come until now, cannot get e-cert?”

The blank e-certs are ready for distribution. However, we want to go beyond giving out blank e-certs, with merely your name and finishing time printed on it. We are taking extra effort to include your finishing picture, together with your e-certs. That is why we need to hold them back a little longer. The compiling  process takes time.

Before April ends, you will get to see all your fancy finishing poses! The e-certs will be easily accessible by all when they are ready. We hope this will add a nice touch, to give you a nicer memory of the inaugural Brooks Half Marathon in Malaysia.

Thank you once again, for your support of the Brooks Half Marathon. Together, let’s run happy!


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