Brooks Competition Shoes for women

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Women’s Competition Shoes

Unisex T7 Racer - RM 419

Unisex T7 Racer – RM 419

Women's Launch - RM 369

Women’s Launch – RM 369

Unisex Racer ST 5 - RM 359

Unisex Racer ST 5 – RM 359

Brooks Competition Shoes for men

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Men’s Competition Shoes

Unisex T7 Racer - RM 419

Unisex T7 Racer – RM 419

Men's Launch - RM 369

Men’s Launch – RM 369

Unisex Racer ST 5 - RM 359

Unisex Racer ST 5 – RM 359

Special discount for participants of Brooks Run Happy Series!

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Valid for online purchases from Brooks Malaysia as well.



6 obstacles, and bounty everywhere!

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The Brooks Run Happy 2014 is a race like never before.

You will not get:

  1. Cash prizes if you are a top finisher.
  2. A new 10km personal best – because it is not 10km. Done on purpose, to get you off the competitive track.
  3. A straight road from start to end.

But you will get:

  1. To cross a river.
  2. To climb a wall.
  3. To go through tyre hoops.
  4. To swing with tyres.
  5. Run up a watch tower.
  6. Charge through a foam maze.
  7. Go bounty hunting along the way.

Bounty awaits those with strong legs and good eyes. Try to grab a Brooks Run Happy Tag if you can find any. A Brooks mystery gift awaits!

Brooks Run Happy 2014 is not about finishing fast. It is about running happy.

Register today with Hooha here.

Stay updated at the event page here.

And watch out for interesting developments at our Brooks Running Facebook page here.

Brooks Run Happy 2014 – Series 1

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Brooks RUN HAPPY 2014 – Series 1 comprises Road Running and at the same time completing 6 challenges along the route. Each participant will experience the fun of all the challenging obstacles. Any participant who can’t complete any challenge must proceed to the back of the queue and start again. Participants can attempt the challenges as many times as they want. Watch out for surprise bounty hidden along the route to be up for grabs.


  • Date                  : 18th May 2014
  • Venue               : MAEPS Laman 2, Serdang
  • Arrival Time   : 6:00am onwards
  • Flag off Time  : 7:00am (All Categories)
  • Entry Fees       : RM70.00

Runner Entitlement

  1. Exclusive Brooks Running T-Shirt
  2. Finisher Medal
  3. Number Bib
  4. Goodies Bag
  5. Certificates
  6. Light Breakfast
  7. Water Station and Medical Support

Stay updated at our Brooks Running Facebook page at

Check out the event page here.

You can register here with HooHa.

Closing date is on 20th April 2014. Hurry, places are limited!

Footwear and your running style

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Does your footwear affect how you normally run?

It is hard to tell nowadays how we normally run, because we have allowed our footwear to dictate the way we run. But if we remove our footwear, will we run differently?

Brooks did a study on the effect of footwear on the way we run. More than 300 runners were involved in this study, involving all segments of the running spectrum. The runners were measured biomechanically – how their joints move and the forces applied to their body. Their demographic information was also taken – age, gender, mileage, number of years running, muscle strength, joint flexibility, and foot structure.

To get a baseline, runners are asked to run barefoot on a soft, foam surface. It is important to note that the baseline is not just barefoot running. The baseline is how you would run barefoot, and on a soft surface. By removing the footwear factor and the hard surface factor, we can see your natural running style in isolation.

Stride signature-1

Once the baseline is established, runners are asked to run with shoes, on the same soft surface. If the landing pattern with shoes is different from the landing patterns without shoes, then we know that the measures collected would not represent their natural habitual joint motion.

Next, we tried to find out which variables are influenced when you change your footwear. How much of our knee movement or ankle movement is affected by our shoes, and how far does it throw us off our natural habitual joint motion? We gathered data on more than 200 variables.

Finally, a factor analysis was done to find out the sensitivity of every variable. The goal was to find out which are the highly sensitive variables, and which are the lowly sensitive (or insensitive) ones.

We found that one of the most sensitive variables is what the biomechanical community calls the “Free Moment”.

The Transcend is on to something.

Biomechanics don’t lie

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In discovering Natural Habitual Joint Motion, Brooks has linked up with Professor Dr. Gert-Peter Brueggermann (Director of the Institute of Biomechanics and Orthopedics, German Sport University of Cologne) and Professor Dr. Joseph Hamill (Director of the Biomechanics Lab, University of Massachusetts Amherst). Both are biomechanics and footwear experts for over 30 years, and have published more than 300 journal articles.

We have found that – your biomehcanics don’t lie.

There is a way to strap you down on a machine, and examine the three primary rotations of your knee when you are running. In an experiment, we used 6 different pairs of legs, and each leg went through 10 cycles. The following results were shown:

NHJM v5.1.indd


Each pair of legs showed its desired pathway very consistently. In fact, the motion is so repeatable, all 10 cycles of the knee movement lined up on top of each other, forming a single loop.

Also, each pair of legs showed its desired pathway very uniquely. 6 pairs of legs were used, and exactly 6 loops were formed. Each leg produced only one loop. And none of the legs shared the same kind of loop pattern.

Therefore, we embrace the idea that everyone has his or her individual preferred pathway of motion. The Transcend works within that realm, rather than inhibit it or control it. This, will decipher the mystery of running comfort.

Rise above the run!


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